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Privacy focussed time tracking for boosting productivity. With timesheets & project management

Less Status Calls. Longer Focused Stretches. Faster Execution. Happier Employees !!!

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App Features

The app categorizes your work into deep, shallow or personal. The concept of deep work is introduced in book "Deep Work (Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World)" by Dr Cal Newport. Your deep work ability directly influences your success in technical field. The app tracks & improves deep work ability of your team.

Deep Work Coach

Measure your deep work time and longest deep work stretches. Get areawise time spent

Peer Recognition

Set goals for deep work and highlight your achievements among team

Project & Task Management

Create tasks and assign to your team members, in a convenient Kanban board

Team Visibility - Privacy Aware

Know who's doing what - in realtime without intruding privacy - open sourced

Project & Task Timesheets

Know how much time spent areawise on a task/project, eg. spent 30m on coding in python

Project Delay Forecasting

Know a project's estimated completion date, based on work behaviour of team

Download Desktop Client

This is needed for work analytics. Our semantic engine processes your active window titles and application names to understand whether to categorize your work into deep work or shallow work or personal work

Target Audience

Who's this platform for ?

Anyone who works / employs people who work on development and design work on laptop.

  • Tech leaders who want to build high performance teams in "work from home" mode
  • Individual developers who want to improve their focus and work life balance.
  • Freelance project employers who want to pay their freelancers by hours spent
  • Freelancers who want transparent accounting of work hours.

In short, makers like software engineers, UX/UI designers, tech leads, technical architects etc who want to improve their work focus, to managers like scrum masters, strategic management, startup founders, CTOs, CEOs, CHROs who want to drive their teams to be efficient and happy, who can finish their work on time to lead a balanced life.

Deep work

What is deep work?

What's this latest fad about? How can I benefit as a techie?

“Human beings, it seems, are at their best when immersed deeply in something challenging. There” - Dr Cal Newport in his book "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World"

Unlike other domains like sales and marketing, software engineers often need to immerse themselves deep into a challenging problem in order to solve it. Best software engineers work for just a few hours a day and yet accomplish extraordinary amount of work in that small time. Achieving a good work life balance is totally in our hands, if we learn how to master the art of deep work. This skill is very much needed especially with work from home blurring lines between work and personal space. To improve anything we first need to measure it and this app helps you do that !!!

Team visibility

Team visibility without intruding privacy

With our open sourced software, your business can benefit from increased visibility and cut down on status meetings. How?

In work from home mode, video calls for status meetings are causing headaches and burnout in employees. Developers dont timely update their JIRA tasks and push this 'boring' work to last day of sprint. Status meetings are long and frequent because there's no other way to know who is doing what.

One solution is to use time tracking softwares which take screenshots (like Hubstaff, Time Doctor, Rescue Time etc) but they ll push employees away and label you as a mistrusting employer. High end employees like software engineers are very much privacy aware and would resist it strongly. Plus at a strategic management level, do you really have time to sift through thousands of screenshots to make sense of what is going on? Teamviu's work analytics engine just gives you what you need - the gist, like how much effective time spent in what all tasks, projects and categories, which all projects are likely to get delayed etc. Our machine learning based engine understands work context, so there's no need to reveal the exact activities user did, so no need to intrude his privacy with automated screenshots etc.

We have open sourced our desktop app codebase, so that people can check how the data is being collected and develop a feeling of trust towards the platform.

Growth in your hands

Win win for both makers and managers

Whether a freelancer or an employee in company - maker is someone who creates - like software engineer, UX designer etc. Most tech teams have employees with mix of maker and manager modes.

  • Makers benefit from increased focus
  • Makers benefit from reduced status meetings
  • Makers dont need to justify their efforts in case of delays etc
  • Makers have objective data of their efforts, can be used in appraisal or payment
  • Managers benefit from increased visibility
  • Managers can take data driven decisions about his employee's performance
  • Team behaviour is automatically driven towards transparency and accountability
  • Peer recognition and goal setting keeps team enthusiasm high
Api access for attendence automation

API For Attendence Automation

Integrate our API into your intranet for automated attendance management. Just like access cards of traditional offices, this is the "Access Card For Remote Work"

  • Get Total Time Spent By User
  • Get Total Effective Time Spent By User
  • Get Total Deep Work By User
  • Get Checkin Checkout Times By User
  • Get Consolidated Monthly/Weekly/Daily Reports For Company

Work from Home Productivity Monitoring Tools - The Debate

There is a raging debate since Work From Home culture set in due to Covid-19 pandemic, regarding whether we should monitor our employees or not. Being working remotely since a long time, we can say with conviction that remote work cannot function efficiently without transparency. At the same time being mistrustful and asking employees to install traditional time trackers, which click random screenshots is not a good option either, since they are very much privacy intrusive and may make your employees uncomfortable. Some famous time tracking software for employees in USA are Hubstaff, Rescue Time, Time Doctor etc

Work from home productivity monitoring tools USA have been around for a while but majority of the companies prefer not using it. This is despite the fact that the tech employees draw a hefty salary and their productivity needs to be carefully managed. This is due to a lot of awareness around privacy especially in USA. Therefore traditional Work from home productivity tools in USA are a big taboo.

So here we present a mid-way solution where our AI engine encapsulates user activity and entire team knows what everyone is doing, on a high level, without revealing his actual browsing history and provides necessary project management software to integrate into agile scrum teams and encourages employees to be more productive. Most of all, it focuses on the outcome and not just time. In our survey of early customers, we found teams readily engaging with our platform and reported a surge in motivation levels. Its the best employee time tracking software USA. This is not just another set of remote work productivity tools USA, but rather a complete end to end project execution platform.


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